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A Huge Stunning Silver Wrapped Purple Charoite

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A Huge Stunning Silver Wrapped Purple Charoite

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A large spectacular piece of Charoite (52mm x 33mm) from Russia with chatoyance alternating with deep purples all the way across the surface of this large gemstone.  'Chatoyance' means that the crystals within the stone are aligned in such a way that certain areas of the stone are iridescent, or change luster and color as you move the stone back and forth in the light.  The single source of Charoite was discovered in Russia less than 30 years ago.  Wearing Charoite is said to promote self-esteem, contentment and inner peace.

I wire wrapped an ornate frame around this magical gemstone with over 40 feet (approx. 12m) of sterling silver wire using a technique taught by the jewelry designer Eni Oken (

This unique and one-off handmade jewelry pendant is embelished with tiny handmade beaded flowers, rose quartz hearts and various (Fair Trade) Thai Karen Hill Tribes fine silver (.999) handcrafted beads.  I added an engraved sterling silver 'Ginga Squid' heart on the reverse.

The unusual 'Spring Link' chain was also handcrafted by the Karen Hill Tribe villagers in fine silver (.999) and was purchased Fair Trade from Thailand.  I handmade a sterling silver swirly 'S' clasp for the fastening.

Chain length: 50cm

Pendant length: 83mm inc. bail

Pendant width: 60mm

A Huge Stunning Silver Wrapped Purple Charoite

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