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A Red Dino Bone Pendant with Silver Spider

A Red Dino Bone Pendant with Silver Spider

This is an amazingly rare and bright piece of fossilised dinosaur bone - with rich orange/red colours. This is the actual bone from a dinosaur and these colours result from the minerals present in the soil as they fill the cells. This gem quality fossil comes from Utah.  The darker lines show the actual internal "spongey" structure of the bone itself. Too cool!

I handcrafted a bezel from (over 70) Argentium sterling silver rings around the top of the pendant.  Argentium sterling silver is a new type of sterling silver that only tarnishes very, very slowly.

The outside of the bezel features white bone beads, brown bone discs (Fair Trade) and sterling silver beads. The pendant is finished with sterling silver spider charms (front and back), a Swarovski crystal, Karen Hill Tribes fine silver Flower beads and an engraved sterling silver 'Ginga Squid' heart on the reverse.

The bail of the pendant is handmade using wrapped sterling silver wire.

A chain is not included but can be purchased from my Chains Page.  Or you can simply use your own!

Pendant length: 72mm (from top of bail)

Pendant width: 43mm

A Red Dino Bone Pendant with Silver Spider

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