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A Kazuri Chain with Purple Spiny Oyster Beads

A Kazuri Chain with Purple Spiny Oyster Beads

Elegant handmade long chunky Kazuri bead chain with purple spiny oyster shell buttons (size 10mm - Fair Trade).

Purple spiny oyster shells are found in the Sea of Cortez, off the coast of Baja Mexico, Baja California.  They are prized for their brilliant colours and have been used for adornment since ancient times.

The clay African Kazuri beads featured in this piece are 'Gabby' in Antique Gold/Greenwood/Satin Cream and are large (50mm x 20mm).

Kazuri beads are individually handmade from the clay at the base of Mount Kenya, by impoverished Kenyan women - many of whom are single mothers supporting on a single income, an extended family of up to 20 people. The Kazuri factory is Fair Trade and gives these women a good salary, malaria medicine, creche facilities and a better standard of living.  See my Kazuri page for more information.

This gorgeous jewelry piece also features nine fine silver handcrafted large rings and a handmade brass 'swirly' clasp.

Length: 65cm


A Kazuri Chain with Purple Spiny Oyster Beads

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