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Vintage 'Blinking' Dolls Eye Rings

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Vintage 'Blinking' Dolls Eye Rings

Sorry, this product is out of stock. Please check back soon.

At the moment I have stopped making these rings - sorry!

When the Eye is held vertical it is 'Awake' and when it is horizontal it is 'Asleep'.  I guess these are circa 1940s - and they are very cool!  So, when you wear your 'Eye' as a ring, your hand movement will make the Eye blink....

This is an example of the type of ring I am making.  It is adjustable and made from solid sterling silver.  The silver is textured and oxidised to bring out a pattern in the metal.

The Eye is set in resin - which can be coloured to your requirements.  This particular Eye Ring also has fine silver 'tears' - which are polished tiny fine silver beads handmade by the Thai Karen Hills Tribe (purchased Fair Trade).

One-of-a-Kind and very unique!


Vintage 'Blinking' Dolls Eye Rings

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