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A Rainbow Calsilica 'TONGUE' Pendant

A Rainbow Calsilica 'TONGUE' Pendant

This cheeky handmade art jewelry piece features a super bright Rainbow Calsilica stone - hand cut and polished. 

Rainbow Calsilica comes from only one mine in Mexico in very small amounts each year.  It is supposed to be the sediment of oils or other materials that have been mined - but whatever its origins, its a gorgeously funky eye-catching stone!

This pendant also features fine silver etched rings (Fair Trade from the Thai Karen Hills Tribe villagers), clear crystal quartz heishi, brass and stainless steel micro-screws, resin, red glitter, etched copper sheet, brass wire and Faux Bone.

The pendant hangs on a simple sterling silver snake chain.

Very eye-catching and one-of-a-kind!

Length pendant: 6cm

Length chain: 45cm (17.5 inches)

A Rainbow Calsilica 'TONGUE' Pendant

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