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Was on display at the 'Contemporary Wearables '09 Exhibition' - Toowoomba, Australia - September 2009.

'Rafflesia' is one-of-a-kind! 

This handmade art pendant/brooch features a gorgeous piece of Fossil Oolite organic gemstone.  Oolite is a sedimentary rock formed with ooids (meaning 'egglike') - spherical grains in concentric layers.  From Wyoming, USA.

This piece also features Faux bone, copper (with heat patina), stainless steel & brass micro-screws, turquoise coloured bone beads, brass heishi, silver coloured heishi (Fair Trade from Ethiopia), fine silver etched heishi (Fair Trade Thai Karen Hill Tribes), pinks/greens merino wool.

I named it "Rafflesia" as it reminds me of those huge jungle parasitic flowering plants!  Doesn't smell the same though (they smell of rotting meat - apparently)!

There is a pin on the back so Rafflesia can be worn as a brooch - but I have also added a ring to the back too so you could wear this as a huge funky pendant too......

Length (of center): 8cm

Width (of center): 6cm

Length (whole piece) - about 22cm

Width (whole piece) - about 11cm



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