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Bruneau Jasper Squid Pendant / Brooch

Bruneau Jasper Squid Pendant / Brooch

One-of-a-kind Squid who can be worn as both a pendant and brooch and then displayed on its own canvas 'background' hung on the wall when not out-and-about!

This handmade piece features a beautifully polished Bruneau Canyon nodule from Idaho, near Mount Home (USA).  This material is no longer available for collecting as the government is making a bird sanctuary out of the canyon.  This is the King of the orbicular jaspers.

This piece also features a vintage (1940s) 'blinking' dolls eye, bronze (etched and patina and mica powders applied), Faux bone, brass micro-screws, sterling silver oxidised wire, Thai Karen Hills Tibes tiny beads (fine silver & vermeil - Fair Trade), natural freshwater pearls in white and pink, natural pink spinel gemstones, merino wool (wet felted and needle felted), sterling silver caps (for the 'tentacles') and UV resin.

A chain or neck wire is not included in the price but can be purchased sepeartely on my Chains Page (this piece looks good on a simple thick neck wire).

Length: about 29cm

The canvas is covered in felted merino wool and features sterling silver etched fish and beads. The Squid balances on 3 supports and is very easy to lift on and off the canvas background.


Bruneau Jasper Squid Pendant / Brooch

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