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'Evolution Ate My Tee' Ring

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'Evolution Ate My Tee' Ring

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'Evolution Ate My Tee' Ring - was part of the curated 'handSTAND' Exhibition in the New Zealand Jewellery Show 2009, Auckland.  Also appeared on the Breakfast Show (TV1)!

Life started in the oceans and evolved, crawling its way onto land and into our golf courses.

Here, a large Triffid has swallowed a yellow, plastic golf tee.  A triffid is a highly venomous fictional plant species.  The base of a triffid is a large muscle-like root mass.  When dormant, these tentacles are rooted to the ground and are used to draw nutrients, as with a normal plant.

When active, triffids use these tentacles to propel themselves along at a moderate walking pace.

Materials: natural freshwater pearls, watch parts, sterling silver, vermeil, Thai Karen Hills Tribe tiny fine silver beads (Fair Trade), merino wool roving, silk threads, natural rough diamonds, oil paint, acrylic, plexiglass, Faux Bone, stainless steel, natural rubies, lemon quartz, UV resin, plastic golf tee & Air plant.

Comes with care instructions for the air plant!


'Evolution Ate My Tee' Ring

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