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LOVE NEST Pendant & Cord

LOVE NEST Pendant & Cord

LOVE NEST pendant - handmade and one-of-a-kind!

The top part looks like a nest as its fiber (needle felted merino wool in blues/greens with pink silk threads) with an inner core of a Fair Trade Indonesian orange resin ring, sterling silver, Faux bone, semi precious faceted gemstones (spinel - coloured & black, amethyst cube), chocolate brown pearls, fuschia chalk turquoise, base metals and crochet copper & brass wires.

The lower part is an etched copper heart with an eye design and the word 'love'.

This unique art jewelry piece is finished on the reverse with an engraved 'Ginga Squid' sterling silver heart.

The neck cord is matt grey 3mm rubber with sterling silver clasp (18 inches long).

Pendant length: 13.5cm (approx 5 inches)

LOVE NEST Pendant & Cord

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