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Not Your Common Garden Variety Soap!

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Not Your Common Garden Variety Soap!

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Not Your Common Garden Variety Soaps!

100% organic & handmade - with wild carrot oil!


a colaboration between FeelAtHome with Ginga Squid. handmakes natural, luxurious & organic cold pressed soap here in New Zealand.  There is a 'flavour' for everyone!

Ginga Squid adds the felt - for a totally unique skin experience.

When wet, the soap lathers up and the wool gently exfoliates your skin. 

As you use the soap, the wool keeps shrinking around the soap and when the soap is gone, you are left with a tiny felted pouch that can be used as a scrubby, or cut open to store little treasures or placed in your linen drawer with a few drops of essential oil to make your linens smell gorgeous.

Ideal as a unique gift for travelers and college students as no washcloth is needed!

I have lots of colors available, and I love to create new designs.

Keep in a dry dish between uses.


Please email me for order enquiries as they sell as fast as we can make them!

Not Your Common Garden Variety Soap!

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