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'Something In My Eye' Pendant/Brooch

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'Something In My Eye' Pendant/Brooch

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A OOAK piece of handmade art jewelry featuring a vintage 1940s 'blinking' dolls eye.

The eye is set in resin in a slice of waterbuffalo horn. The resin also has peridot gemstones set within, as well as fine silver Thai Karen Hills Tribe handcrafted beads & shards of vintage pink glass.

The 'something' in My Eye is a nugget of deep red 'Ant Hill' garnet. ANT HILL garnet comes from the Navajo Reservation in Arizona, USA. These are not commercially mined gems. Ants will remove them when they are building or repairing their homes. People harvest them by picking the rough stones up by hand after the Ants have excavated them out of their colonies. Ant Hill garnets are recognised as possessing the finest bright ruby colour of the garnet family.

This OOAK piece also features 2 sterling silver flower charms, spinel gemstones, sterling silver & copper wire, amethyst gemstone cubes Thai Karen Hills Tribes fine silver tubes & beads & gold plated cubes.

A neckwire is NOT included in the price but may be purchased seperately on my Chains Page.

This piece can be worn as a pendant and/or brooch.

Width: approx 6cm (2 1/2 inches)

Length: approx 13cm (4 1/2 inches)

'Something In My Eye' Pendant/Brooch

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