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DE Merino Fall Wool Dreadlocks

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DE Merino Fall Wool Dreadlocks

Sorry, this product is out of stock. Please check back soon.

SOLD. This set of beautiful autumn / fall coloured dreadlocks is one of a kind and ready to ship!

- all double ended;

- 8 tips;

- long length (approx. 63cm / 24 inches);

- thick (a little bit thicker than a sharpie);

- stunning autumn and fall shades of ginger, plum, olive, brown & pumpkin (hand dyed).

Wool dreads are awesome - so much better than synthetics. They are:

- light & natural;

- feel & act like real natural hair;

- eco-friendly;

- resistant to dirt & odours;

- naturally antimicrobial.

You can shower & swim with these, treating them like your natural hair. Install them semi-permanently (leave in for about a month) or permanently in your existing natural dreadlocks as extensions or additions.

Take them out and re-install as many times as you want, or make them permanent.

Comes with installation instructions plus tips & tricks.

DE Merino Fall Wool Dreadlocks

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