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Fossil Mud Crack Ring with Pearls & Crochet

Fossil Mud Crack Ring with Pearls & Crochet

A very unusual ring handmade from a unique fossilised mud-crack. Colours of rich brown chocolate framing an area of abstract art, where the mud is a rich black and the cracks are filled with a contrasting whitish agate.  This fossil gemstone originates from Morrocco and is 18mm x 14mm.

The Mud Crack (!) is framed with a bezel of approx 70 interlinked sterling silver rings.

This piece also features tiny natural freshwater white pearls with Swarovski crystal rondelles. (These are not the cultured saltwater pearls your grandma wore and they are also not dyed or treated. They are freshwater pearls from China and their colour is natural, so tiny variations in colour and shape are to be expected).

I have also used tiny handcrafted fine silver and vermeil beads in this ring, purchased Fair Trade from the Karen Hill Tribes villagers in Thailand. (Vermeil is pure silver plated firstly with 18k gold for strength and then with 24k gold ontop).


The wooden ring base is about a size US 6.5 to 7 with crochet detail in muted green & royal purple, yellow opals, green faceted semi-precious gemstones and more tiny silver beads.


A truely one of a kind original!


Fossil Mud Crack Ring with Pearls & Crochet

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