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Fossil Coral, Water Buffalo & Fine Silver

Fossil Coral, Water Buffalo & Fine Silver

A stunning art creation!  This handmade piece of organic jewelry features a beautiful fossil coral gemstone in warm pinks & creams.  This piece of fossil coral is professionally handcut and is not imported from a 3rd world country.  It comes from Indonesia and is very rare, with lovely 'flower head' patterns.

I created this sculptural necklace using Water Buffalo Horn slices (very unique!) which are natural, undyed, irregular in shape and Fair Trade from Indonesia and also clay African 'Kazuri' beads in a satin cream colour.  Kazuri beads are Fair Trade from Kenya and you can read more about them on my Kazuri Page.

The necklace is entwined with tentacles of wrapped Argentium sterling silver wire (a new type of sterling silver that only tarnishes very, very slowly) - over 26ft of wire went into this creation!

This piece also features Karen Hill Tribes fine silver beads throughout - white snow rings, polished rounds and gold vermeil tiny faceted beads (Fair Trade from Thailand) and old silver tubes (Fair Trade from Africa).

I handcrafted the fine silver (.999) hammered rings, chain & clasp myself.  I left them with a matt finish to give a more 'rustic' appearance.

A totally gorgeous and one-of-a-kind handmade art jewelry piece!

Length: 62mm (max) - adjustable.

Length of center focal pendant (with the fossil coral): 74mm

Width of center focal pendant: 40mm

Fossil Coral, Water Buffalo & Fine Silver

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