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A Red Dino Pendant with Silver & Yellow Turquoise

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A Red Dino Pendant with Silver & Yellow Turquoise

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The focal gemstone in this unique handmade art jewelry piece is a red dinosaur bone fossil.  This is the actual bone from a dinosaur, completely mineralised.  The differing colours are due to varying mineral content of the soils in which the bones were found.  The darker lines show the internal 'spongey' structure of the bone itself.  Too cool!

This pendant also features yellow 'turquoise' (a natural material which is actually a lively blend of serpentine, quartz & jaspers).

I have given this art piece an organic feel with decadent loops and swirls of wrapped argentium sterling silver wire (a new type of sterling silver which only tarnishes very slowly).

The tiny silver beads (faceted squares, polished rounds and rare rice beads) are all handcrafted from fine silver by the Karen Hills Tribe villagers in Thailand (purchased Fair Trade).

This unique and rare one-of-a-kind pendant is finished on the back with a sterling silver engraved 'Ginga Squid' heart.

A chain is NOT included in the price, but may be purchased from my Chains Page - or you can use your own.

Length of pendant: 62mm

Width of pendant: 44mm

A Red Dino Pendant with Silver & Yellow Turquoise

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