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Exotic Oolite Brooch / Pendant

Exotic Oolite Brooch / Pendant

This handmade art jewelry piece features exotic colours of fiber and a gorgeous piece of fossil Ooolite.

Fossil Oolite is full of tiny round fossils.  Oolite describes a sedimentary rock formed with ooids (meaning "egglike") - spherical grains in concentric layers.

This unusual piece of multi coloured oolite from Wyoming, USA, has pink and gold spots of fossil.  It measures 44mm by 16mm, 5mm thick.

The organic fossil oolite is surrounded by natural raw diamonds.

Also featuring fine silver beads & oxidised silver cubes both handcrafted by the Thai Karen Hill Tribes (Fair Trade), amethyst cubes, brass & stainless steel microscrews, UV resin & titanium.

The felted fibers are exotic colours of merino wool, sari, silk, bamboo, glitz & firestar.

This ooak piece can be worn as a brooch pin or pendant. A chain or neck wire is not included but may be purchased seperately on my Chains Page.

Width: approx 8cm / 3 inches

Height: approx 4.5cm / 1.75 inches

Exotic Oolite Brooch / Pendant

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