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Purple Plume Parasite Brooch/Pendant

Purple Plume Parasite Brooch/Pendant

Featuring a gorgeous piece of Plume Agate - black clouds in a milky white sky!

One-of-a-kind handmade piece of wearable an organic purple spiky life form that will sit on you and make you its 'host'.

Other materials used: merino wool fiber (wet felted & needle felted), Faux Bone, copper sheet, microscrews, fine silver heishi & snow rings & silver oxidised cubes (all purchasedFair Trade from the Thai Karen Hill Tiribes), shoe polish, plastic aquarium plant, gloss spray, tiny beads and thread.

Can be worn as a pendant or brooch.

Length: approx 21cm (9 inches)

Width: approx 15cm (6 inches)

Purple Plume Parasite Brooch/Pendant

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