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Purple Crochet Blinking Eye Ring

Purple Crochet Blinking Eye Ring

This handmade art jewelry ring features a 'blinking' 1940s vintage dolls eye set in a small vintage tin with purple glittery resin and vintage pink glass shards.

The tin is surrounded by green & purple crochet wool with tiny yellow & dark purple seed beads.

The ring band is brass and a US size 8.5

The vintage doll's eye has a mind of it's own - when the Eye is held vertical it is 'Awake' and when it is horizontal it is 'Asleep'. So, when you wear your 'Eye' as a ring, your hand movement will make the Eye is a delicate piece though and should not be shaken too hard!

OOAK - totally unique.

Purple Crochet Blinking Eye Ring

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